Overland Boat Movements Ltd – Terms & Conditions


When asking for a quotation, please ensure you give correct information for the length, width, height and weight.  If this differs from the quoted sizes, you may be liable for additional charges.

Any standard boat equipment should be considered in the weight calculation.  If on collection it is found that equipment is excessive, Overland Boat Movements reserve the right to refuse or charge additional costs.

Pick up and delivery addresses along with opening and closing times and contact details must be stated clearly, if these are found to be incorrect or there are access issues you may be liable for additional costs.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

All prices include estimated international ferry costs where required.

All prices include estimated international island hopper ferry costs where required.

At point of agreement all ferry costs will be confirmed and are part of the 50% deposit.

All prices include one hour for loading and unloading each end of our door to door service.  Any delays beyond the control of Overland Boat Movements will be charged at an hourly rate of £25 over and above the quoted price.

Costs incurred due to national strikes on ferry routes will be charged on a day rate of £125.

Price quoted DOES NOT INCLUDE the cost of lifting on or off the trailer from the yard or marina.

Carriage terms

All documentation required must be supplied before collection (Bill of Sale, Invoice, Letter of authorization, this can be found on our website)

All equipment must be stowed securely in the boat as Overland Boat Movements will not be held liable for damage or loss due to transport.

Covers and damage caused by covers during transport will not be the liability of Overland Boat Movements.

Fuel tanks must be less than half full and water and waste tanks must be empty.

Gas tanks must be disconnected and securely stowed.

Where the boat is supplied and delivered with its own trailer this MUST be in roadworthy condition. Damage and delays caused due to the client’s trailer failing will be charged at cost.

Quotes for trailer service can be supplied.

Delivery on an Overland Boat Movements trailer can be quoted for.

The transport route plan can be supplied on request.

All prices are inclusive of CMR Insurance.

We recommend customers top up insurance to full risks. This can be quoted for you separately.

Payment Terms

On acceptance of the quote, 50% of the total amount due will be paid by BACS or Bank Transfer to –

Overland Boat Movements Ltd

Sort Code: 40-42-18

Bank Account: 23829510

IBAN No: MIDLGB 210G / GB 30MIDL40421823829510

On delivery to the final destination the remaining 50% will be payable within 24 hours.

Payment terms can be arranged for account holders.

Delays in paying accounts will be passed to Midas Account Recovery Services for collection and will incur costs if not resolved.


All transport is undertaken under CMR Conditions of Carriage.

All goods should be insured by the owner.

Overland Boat Movements Ltd accepts no liability for delays in deliveries where they have been caused by 3rd party factors beyond its control.

All goods are covered by CMR Insurance. (Continental Insurance)