We have developed three new boat jack systems designed to lift your boat of your trailer for maintenance and storage.
Option 1 £750
HyJack Trailer lift this system is designed to bolt onto the frame of your trailer enabling the boat to be lifted approximately 20cm off the frame, allowing for cleaning and antifouling to take place without the use of slings or costly marina lifting and storage.
Option 2 £2250
HyJack lite is our boat lift system designed to lift and hold boats up to 8 tons, this system allows the boat to be lifted directly off the trailer and the trailer removed before lowering on to our Hyjack Stands. Hyjack will lift 8 ton placing one lift at 4 points around the boat to a height of 50cm off the trailer, the design allows the bottom jack stand to be lifted and a locking pin placed under it whilst jacking up it is required to place the second pin in the next available socket. once all four jacks have lifted the boat off the trailer lower the boat on to the safety pins before driving or pulling the trailer out. you can then work on the hull as required and place the Hyjack stands under for storage purposes.
Option 3 £3250
HyJack Commercial will take boats up to 16 tons with upgraded steel and heavy duty wheels allowing for movement over uneven ground. Our commercial solution allows for storage and change of trailers to different heights, it comes with interchangeable feet and extendable arms allowing for multiple boat hull shapes and sizes. This system comes as a full set of 4 jacks 4 extendable arms, 4 fixed pads, 4 swivel pads, 2 stand systems.


New website will be launched with videos and pictures along with all technical data and options to buy. Contact us now to find out more!!