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shrink wrapping services

Shrink Wrapping Boats and other items

We are on call out 24/7 we are Mobile door to door We shink wrap ribs boats cars vans caravans etc ,we can do the shrink wrapping on site , we can shrink wrapping when we are on the continent around Europe that how mobile we are Whether you are transporting your asset by trailer or as deck freight it will become exposed to the elements, environmental factors and other hazards. Shrink wrapping will provide the following benefits:

  • Protection from pollutants e.g. oil, dust etc
  • Protection from rain and spray from wet roads
  • Added security from opportunist theft when on the road of on ferries          

Whether you are a boat owner, a ship builder, a marine broker or involved in transporting boats, motor vehicles, aircraft, industrial products and other precious assets – then we may be of service to you we have the expertise to keep your boat or other items looking good and maintaining their value.

Cover for a vessel that was undergoing deck repairs whilst afloat.  Our tenting and containment services provides benefits both afloat and onshore.Shrink wrapping will provide the following benefits

  • Work when you need to and not dictated by weather  
  • Custom “tent” stretched over a framework
  • Added security from opportunist theft
  • Protects your asset from external contaminants
  • Protects nearby assets from your work, dust etc.

Shrink Wrapping for Storage we have are yard or your yard the following benefits

  • Clean and Ready for next time you need it
  • Protects teak decks and gelcoat
  • No more seagull droppings to contend with!
  • Access for maintenance as an option
  • Ventillation to suppress mildew
  • Minimises Depreciation
  • Saves you time, effort and money
  • Minimises risk of opportunistic theft
  • Providing shrink-wrap containment tents for maintenance
  • Shrink wrapping plant and equipment for relocation
  • Shrink wrapping redundant kit to preserve its value
  • Providing all-weather outdoor work spaces
  • Shrink wrapping finished goods to ensure that your
  • receive your products in as good as condition as when it came off the production line
  • Protecting electronics and sensitive equipment from the environment

Shrink Wrap for Airplanes Helicopter Aviation

Marine grade shrink wrap film is also ideal for shrink wrapping aircraft – shrink wrap fighter jets, helicopters, passenger jets, executive jets – you name it, it can be done.

But why might you contemplate shrink wrapping an aircraft? Perhaps your business is in sales of aircraft and you want to deliver by means other than flying and want it to arrive in tip-top condition.

Shrink wrapping your aircraft can also protect equipment and electronics form environmental pollutants as well as keeping prying eyes at bay.

We shrink wrap Cars for Storage Accident Repairs Classic Cars Caravan Motorhomes Static Home

  • Jet skis
  • Patio furniture
  • Industrial equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Farm machinery
  • Playground equipment
  • Swing sets
  • Playhouses

Shrink wrap storage for your boat protects it from acid rain fallout and destruction by birds and other animals.and also helps detour theft. Plastic doors can also be installed in the shrink wrap to allow winter work inside the boatThe shrink wrap color that we normally use is White blue. Blue shrink wrap is better for the cold snowy climate. Blue absorbs heat an this allows snow to slide off the shrink wrap and not sit on the boat, your outdoor furniture or equipment. It’s also 7mm in thickness. This gives great durability for protection. Most damage that occurs to boats comes from the weight of snow an water accumulation on the canvas and windows – we get this  in from America Complete Polythene

Zipper Doors

Polythene zipper doors are considered to be an important element in the design and installation of environmental containment systems and for use with shrink wrapped boat covers. This type of zipper door is constructed of a  heavy duty clear polythene sheet (standard sizes below). The zipper is a ‘U’ shape and the zipper has pulls on each side to allow the zip to be opened from ether side of the door.This polythene zipper door is simply taped on to the covering. Where the zipper door is being used on a shrink wrap boat cover then the zipper door is applied after the shrink wrap has been shrunk and is applied with a good adhesive tape, not heat. Normally, the zipper door is applied so that after opening, the zipper door hangs in the opening and can be rolled up and taped. However, a zipper door could also be installed the other way up so that the rolled up portion of the door was stepped over during entrance and exit. After the zipper door has been applied to the plastic cover, the zipper is opened and the flap rolled up. The cover underneath is then cut away to leave a hole which is the same size as the zipper door. It is a good idea to use a safety knife for this so that the product underneath is not damaged.Doors normally come in 3 sizes

30″ W x 36″ H (0.76 x 0.91m) – ‘The Hatch’ – Ideal for small boats or other items or where only occaisonal access is required.

30″ W x 48″ H (0.76 x 1.22m) – ‘Regular Zipper Door’ – These make getting under a shrink wrap cover really easy. Traditionally applied to shrink wrapped boats but also used on other wrapped items such as vehicles and modules and pods used in the offsite construction industry.

30″ W x 72″ H – ‘Large Door’ – This is the polythene zipper door that is most often used on shrink wrapped scaffolding and other large projects where easy access for personnal and equipmen through a polythene plastic wall is required.

Self Adhesive Zipper OnlyThe ‘complete’ polythene zipper doors are quick and easy to use but they do create a lip or step at the bottom of the zip up door that must be stepped over on entrance and exit. Also, they are supplied in a number of standard sizes. Where a wider zipped access is required, or where a step is undesirable then a self adhesive zipper is the answer.The self adhesive zippers are normally sold in a pack of two and are approximately 2 metres, or 6′ long. After removing a paper backing, the zipper is applied to the desired area. The zip is opened and then a sharp knife is used to cut down between the teeth of the zip to create access. A single self adhesive zipper forming a slot ot flap is the simplest application. Alternatively, two zippers can be applied to a plastic cover, side by side, at any distance apart side to create a custom sized garage door that can be rolled up to allow even equipment and machinery through.Polythene zipper access doors can be bought in any quantity from overland.

Heavy Duty Zipper In Action For Long Term Use or in Cold Temperatures, Zipper for Plastic Sheeting